Backing into low-carb

In February 2014 I started limiting starchy foods and incorporating more savory foods: butter, eggs, cheese (esp. as snack food while at work), bacon, bacon grease to cook eggs with, etc.

I’ve never felt better.
In June, my blood test had triglyceride/HDL at .92

I have collected several journal articles, but I think lectures are a nice way to get started.  Mine first =)

So, as of January 2010, I was avoiding desserts except for special occasions, and not snacking after dinner.  My main motivation was to avoid going down the path of type 2 diabetes.

In February, I was lucky to catch an Alton Brown show called Live and Let Diet. He advocated certain vegetables be consumed daily and some weekly, included green tea, and avoidance of anything diet, and limiting pasta to once per week max.  By March I had given up diet soda (IBS went away), and in general was incorporating some of his advice. (Thank-you, Mr. Brown.)

In 2012-ish I heard an episode of People’s Pharmacy on NPR where they interviewed Gary Taubes about his book ‘Why We Get Fat’. He argued for sugar and starch being the cause of weight gain and that eating whole foods like chicken with the skin was better for us. I think I was thrown off by his accent. In hindsight, I should have checked out the book.

Late 2013, I was challenging the necessity of hunger while trying to maintain weight. Portion control vs. hunger.

Jan 2014, my boss told me of her nurse practitioner’s tip to watch these lectures:

Dr Robert Lustig’s “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

(Taking on processed foods and high consumption of fructose — it’s a good educational piece about our recent food history and the biochemistry of fructose metabolism.)


Gary Taubes: ‘Why We Get Fat’
(at Santa Cruz)

I hunted down other Dr. Lustig talks and at the one in Oslo, he mentioned being at a low-carb forum. I remembered talk of low-carb a few years back, but it seemed to have gone quiet.

Here are the lectures I found next that helped build my LCHF perspective.
Dr Eric Westman –

Prof. Grant Schofield and Dr. Caryn Zinn –

Dr Peter Brukner, 2013 Low Carb Downunder –

Prof. Tim Noakes, Nov 2013 Paleo Runner podcast –

Postscript:  One of the Dr. Lustig talks I found was at AHS12.  He commented that there was another talk given at the same time and he was bummed out that he had to miss it.  I later tracked that talk down:  Insulin Signaling: Science and  Policy.  At about 42:45, moderator Eric Daniels concluded with the statement that `Take the moral high ground.  Back freedom of food choice.’